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Coronavirus Impacts – Minimizing Research

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Coronavirus Impacts - Minimizing Research


Information on Coronavirus Impacts - Return to Research


30 April 2020

Research Update

Dear UC Research Community:

With the recent announcements from Governor DeWine and Director Acton regarding Ohio’s plans to restart the economy, I know that many of you are anxious to hear when UC will allow more extensive on-campus research-related activities.

At present, our guidance and expectation remain focused on a June 1st desired target date for resuming research back on campus. To help UC achieve this target date, President Pinto has created a task force to create our Blueprint to Repopulate Campus led by Director of Public Safety and Chief of Police Chief James Whalen. Because bringing researchers back to campus requires more than simply opening the doors to your research spaces, this process cannot occur overnight.

Our process will rely on key principles – the most important of which will be to protect and maintain the health and safety of any researchers on campus. Social distancing measures will be mandatory and everyone should expect that the density of individuals on campus will be greatly reduced for the immediate future.

I certainly would encourage you to now begin considering how to prioritize time on campus that will enhance and improve your productivity within an overall environment where remote work is still expected and preferred. As our university leadership makes progress on preparing our campus for your return and greater clarity is obtained on dates, processes and expectations, I will hold another Research Continuity Town Hall discussion to review and discuss our plans. As appropriate, you may begin hearing from your college leadership on specific steps you can plan now, which will enhance your research impact when on campus activities are again allowable.

Until then, I appreciate your patience and understanding. These times are clearly challenging for all of us, but I am always encouraged by the strength, creativity and resilience of our researchers and UC’s research enterprise.

Take care,

Vice President for Research

06 April 2020

With the amended Ohio Department of Health (ODH) Director’s STAY AT HOME Order issued April 2, 2020 (Amended Order), only critical research and essential government functions needed to ensure the continuing operation of the university’s critical research are permissible on campus through May 1, 2020.

At this time, those allowable research activities have been identified and approved following the information and guidance shown below. Under no circumstances should trainees, staff or other research personnel be required to work in an environment that is unsafe, including requiring multi-person activities that cannot maintain social distancing guidelines to the greatest extent possible. Undergraduate students, even if acting as a student employee, are not permitted to access university facilities under this guidance.

Due to these challenging times, please remind your staff and students of the resources available through UC including Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) at and the Employee Assistance Program ( or 800-227-6007).

 I recognize these are challenging times for all of us, including many of our researchers who are involved in on-going and important projects. I ask your patience and understanding as we comply with this Order through the remainder of April. I thank all of you for doing your part to flatten the curve and minimize the burden on our first responders and health care workers. We will continue to monitor this situation and will be back in touch when the Order is lifted or we receive additional guidance from the state. Until then, please be safe, continue with your research in a remote environment, and stay in touch with your trainees and staff to ensure they are okay, cared for and supported during this pandemic.

Take care,

Vice President for Research 

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Research Reduction and Shutdown Guidance

UC Research Continuity Guidance (updated 04/06/2020)
Laboratory Ramp-down Checklist
Continuity Guidance for AHSS Research Activities

Research Town Hall Q&A

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Recommendations Regarding Lab Hygiene and Coronavirus

To reduce the potential transmission of the coronavirus (or other colds and flu) the Office of Research recommends all researchers consider the following:

  • Remind all personnel to practice recommended personal hygiene measures including washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer, avoiding touching their face, and covering coughs.
  • Require that all personnel who are feeling unwell to stay home until they no longer have symptoms
  • Increase disinfecting of laboratory and communal spaces, including lab benches and chairs, equipment, common rooms.
  • Initiate remote-work opportunities for lab personnel and support staff immediately where feasible - both to allow for social distancing, or in case they need to self-isolate on short notice. Have personnel test out remote setups before they are needed.  The UC Alternate Work Schedule Policy describes the process for obtaining supervisor approval.
  • When remote-work is not feasible, immediately implement measures for “social distancing” of lab/research personnel.  For example, increase spacing between researchers to >6 feet, have personnel come to the lab in shifts, allowing every other bench to be unoccupied, etc.

Please take action to make sure your research program is prepared.  If you have further questions please contact



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