Conflict of Interest
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Conflict of Interest Policy, Office of Research
The link below is to the University of Cincinnati’s Office of Research policy titled “Conflict of Interest on Externally Funded Projects”. This policy was recently updated as of December 1, 2013.

Index of University of Cincinnati Conflict of Interest-Related Board Rules

University Rule 3361: 10-17-03
Conduct and ethics: Employee responsibilities

University Rule 3361: 10-17-08
Conduct and ethics: Policy on Conflicts of Interest in the Conduct of Research at the University of Cincinnati

University Rule 3361: 10-17-09
Conduct and ethics: Employee Financial Interests in Private Companies that are Commercializing University Discoveries, Inventions or Patents

University Rule 3361: 10-17-04
Conduct and ethics: Use of University Resources

University Rule 3361: 30-21-02
Employment: Policy on Collateral Employment for Faculty Members and Librarians

University Rule 3361: 30-21-03
Employment: Collateral Employment Policy for All Employees (excluding Faculty and Librarians)College of Medicine: Policy for College of Medicine policy and guidelines for industry relations Industry Relations

Ohio Revised Code §102.01 et.seq (Ohio ethics Law)