Office of Research
Research Leadership
Pat Limbach Patrick Limbach, PhD

Vice President for Research
Ohio Eminent Scholar
Chemistry Professor
Phone: 513-558-0026

Oversees the research offices to maintain policies and compliance.
To learn more about Pat Limbach: Bio, Research Lab

Past Vice Presidents of Research
Dorothy Air
Dorothy Air, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Entrepreneurial Affairs and Technology Commercialization
Phone: 513-558-7339

Responsibilities include over-site of all operations relating to commercialization of University technology, assisting faculty in start-up company activity, and developing a network of commercialization/business resources for the university. She is also a loaned executive to CincyTech, which is Southwest Ohio’s Entrepreneur Signature Program supported by the Ohio Third Frontier.

Deborah Galloway
Deborah Galloway
Associate Vice President for Operations & Management
Phone: 513-556-6991

Responsible for business operations, and information technology.
Jane Strasser Jane Strasser, Ph.D.
Associate Vice President for Research Integrity
Phone: 513-558-5034

Responsible for human subjects research, vertebrate animal research, biosafety, radiation safety, export controls, the biologic select agent and toxin program, and receiving and evaluating any allegations of research misconduct.

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Holly Bante
Assistant Vice President for Institutional Ethics
Phone: 513-556-4346

Responsible for conflict of interest.
Patrick Clark
Patrick Clark
Assistant Vice President for Operations & Management
Phone: 513-556-2628

Responsible for sponsored administration functions, government cost compliance.
Jennifer Krivickas Jennifer Krivickas
Assistant Vice President for Integrated Research
Phone: 513-556-1319

Oversees efforts to align and integrate the research support activities provided by UC Libraries and the arts, humanities, and social science (AHSS) Third Century initiatives to advance UC's emerging trans-disciplinary research goals.
Teri Reed Teri Reed
Assistant Vice President for Economic Development
Phone: 513-556-3191

Organizes and leads research-community interactions with local, state and federal government and regional industry partners. Serves as primary liaison between the Office of Research and the University of Cincinnati Research Institute (UCRI).

Phil Taylor Phil Taylor, PhD.
Assistant Vice President for Research Strategic Implementation
Phone: 513-556-5308

Responsible for augmenting existing research infrastructure, fostering and promoting cross-disciplinary team research, formalizing a campus-wide research mentorship program, and oversight of cluster hire initiatives.

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Heather Geers
Associate to Vice President
Phone: 513-558-0549

Provides high-level support for the Vice President of Research.
Nikki Arde
Nikki Arde
Executive Staff Assistant
Phone: 513-556-6991

Provides all levels of support for the Associate Vice Presidents and back-up support for the Vice President of Research.