• B.S.: University of Rhode Island, 1980
  • B.S.: University of Rhode Island, 1982
  • Post Doctoral Fellow: Sandia National Laboratory, 1991
  • Ph.D.: University of Massachusetts, 1991

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Professional Affiliations
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  • Nanopower Africa
  • Director,
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Professor, Department of Chemical and Materials Engineering
  • Fellow American Physical Society
  • Chair of the Small Angle Scattering Special Interest Group ACryS
  • Program Chair Small Angle Scattering Special Interest Group ACryS
  • Indiana University
  • Founding Member of LENS Neutron Scattering Facility
  • ETHZ, Zurich Switzerland
  • Visiting Professor , Funded by Swiss NSF and Dupont Corporation
  • Argonne Natonal Laboraotry
  • Advisory Board Intense Pulse Neutron Source
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Associate Professor
  • Founding Member of LSU Synchrotron CAMD SAXS User Group
  • Panel and Individual Referee for NSF/PRF/DOE/Commerce Proposals
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Assistant Professor
  • Sandia National Laboratory
  • Staff Member, Organic Materials Group 1815. Cooperative research agreements with U.S. industrial partners
  • Member American Crystallographic Society
  • Member American Physical Society
  • US Patent and Trademark Office
  • Patent Examiner Biomedical Materials
  • Member American Institute of Chemical Engineers
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Research Grants
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  • UC Exhibit A - Scattering Studies11/01/2014-10/31/2015. Procter & Gamble Company. Scattering Studies, PI, Active.
  • Std Industry Agreement09/01/2014-08/31/2015. Bridgestone Corporation. Quantification of morphology of ternary elastomer/nanoparticle blends by scattering and simulation, Collaborator, Active.
  • 400010829108/24/2011-09/30/2011. Department of Energy. NanoPower Africa: Photovoltaics for Sub-Saharan Africa, PI, Closed.
  • IIP-11348307/15/2011-06/30/2012. National Science Foundation. Planning Grant: I/UCRC for the Center for Macromolecular Topology (CMT), PI, Closed.
  • NED130-9743-ZAF-11-02 / 674-A-00-11-00018-0002/21/2011-09/30/2013. Agency for International Development. Nano-Power for Africa, PI, Active.
  • AEG-A-00-05-00007-0011/05/2009-03/31/2010. Higher Education for Development. Africa-U.S. Higher Education Initiative Planning Grant: Development of Inexpensive, Indigenous Graetzel Cells for Local Power Generation, PI, Closed.
  • EM0184406/01/2009-05/31/2011. ExxonMobil Global Services Company. Materials Characterization, PI, Closed.
  • SRS 00623304/01/2009-03/01/2010. Procter & Gamble Company. P&G Capability Enhancement in Small Angle X-ray Scattering (USAXS), PI, Closed.
  • PO 440095991203/09/2009-12/31/2010. Equistar Chemicals LP. Small-Angle Neutron Scattering Studies, PI, Closed.
  • SRS 00579207/01/2008-07/15/2009. Equistar Chemicals LP. Integrated Method for Determination of Long and Short Chain Branching Architecture in Polyethylene Resins, PI, Closed.
  • SRS 00418803/01/2007-07/15/2009. Equistar Chemicals LP. Integrated Method for Determination of Long and Short Chain Branching of Architecture in Polyethylene Resins, PI, Closed.
  • CTS-062606309/01/2006-08/31/2010. National Science Foundation. Spray Jet Flames for Supported Gold Catalysts: New Catalyst, PI, Closed.
  • CTS-0070214 NCE07/01/2000-06/30/2004. National Science Foundation. Room Temperature Nano-Structure Synthesis in Aerosols, PI, Closed.
  • CTS-9986656-NCE02/01/2000-01/31/2002. National Science Foundation. Aero-Sol-Gel Amorphous Mixed Oxides for Epoxidation Catalysts, PI, Closed.
  • 99S44200145C1/Mod 109/15/1999-03/15/2000. Department of the Air Force. Innovative Wear Resistant Materials for Space Applications, PI, Closed.
  • No cost extension07/15/1996-06/30/2000. Procter & Gamble Company. Quantitative Characterization of Diaper Components Using Small Angle Light Scattering, PI, Closed.
  • 211-2016-M-9045607/01/2016-09/30/2017. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. Development of Instrumentation and method for measurement of crystalline silica aerosol, PI, Active.
  • CMMI-163586509/01/2016-08/31/2019. National Science Foundation. Collaborative Research: The design of polymer nanocomposites guided by mesoscale simulations and scattering, PI, Active.
  • Scattering Studies II09/01/2016-08/30/2017. Procter & Gamble Company. Beaucage Scattering Studies II, PI, Active.
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Student Advising
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  • Amit Kulkarni ,Doctoral. Funded by P&G, Intel, Equistar. Currently Research Engineer GE Plastics Evansville IN (10/2007). .
  • Ayush Bafna ,Doctoral. Research Engineer, Dow Chemical Central Research Freeport TX..
  • Doug Kohls ,Doctoral. Currently Assistant Professor Dept. Materials Science and Engineering University of Cincinnati..
  • Durgesh Rai ,Doctoral. studies scattering theory.
  • G. Skillas ,Postdoctoral. Research scientist, GMX Degussa, Hanau Germany. .
  • Hao Liu ,Undergrad. Senior Project: In situ SAXS studies of Diesel Exhaust at the CHESS Synchrotron.
  • Hashard Chavan ,Master. Bioplastics San Jose CA.
  • J. Hyeon-Lee ,Doctoral. Research Scientist, Samsung Research Institute, Seoul, South Korea.
  • Kurt Woodford ,Undergrad. Senior Project: Orientation in Polyolefin Films..
  • Ling Guo ,Master. P&G Miami Valley Laboratories (Central Research Division)..
  • Maesa Idries ,Undergrad. Current REU student.
  • Mangesh Champhekar ,Master. Studies of ultra oriented polyolefin/clay nano-composites. .
  • Nikhil Agashe ,Doctoral. Research Engineer GE Plastics, Evanston IN..
  • Ramnath Ramachandran ,Doctoral. studies branching and persistence effects on rheology in polyolefins. Funded by LyondellBasell..
  • Robin Holland(Minority REU Student) In situ studies of diesel exhaust nanoparticulates using synchrotrons. . ,Undergrad.
  • Ryan Breese ,Doctoral. studies on oriented polymer film structure/property relationships. Funded by Equistar and now by Eclipse Film Technologies..
  • S. Rane ,Doctoral. Senior Research Engineer, Procter& Gamble Beckett Ridge Technical Center Cincinnati.
  • S. Sukumaran ,Doctoral. Asst. Prof. Polymer Science Yamata University, Japan..
  • Sachit Chopras ,Doctoral. studies flame-made nanoparticles for nano-catalysts and other applications. Funded by NSF CTS..
  • Stephanie BergerCarbon coated silica for solar cell applications.. ,Undergrad.
  • Suresh Murugesan ,Doctoral. Scientist Texas Research Institute..
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More Information
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  • Graduate & Postdoctoral Advisors
    Dr. Richard S. Stein, Emeritus Professor of Polymer Science and Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA. Member NAS and NAE.
    Dr. D. W. Schaefer, Professor of Engineering (Formerly Dean of Engineering), U. Cincinnati. 
    Dr. J. G. Curro, Former Head of Polymer Group,Sandia National Laboratory, Albuquerque NM.
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